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Our Recklinghausen Beauty Salon is a piece of heaven where divine lash stylists & beauty specialists offer clients the best experience from the moment they make an appointment until they leave the shop – smiling and happy. Our desire is to make our mark in the beauty industry and more specifically in the eyelash extension field by creating the exact look that provides our clients the appearance, feeling, quality, and customer service they expect & beyond.

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Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions will not only enhance your appearance, but it will also offer you the right feeling when you look into the mirror. What kind of reaction do our clients experience? True inner glow!

Depending on your personal style & preferences, we recommend 1:1 lash extensions for a natural appearance, a Russian Volume lash extension set for a mesmerizing look and a Mega Volume eyelash extension set for eyes that simply pop out.

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Lash & Brow Lift 

Remember having to use mascara each morning to make your lashes stand out? You can forget about it. With the help of our own Divine of Beauty Lash & Lift Bomb set which works like magic (in 20 minutes!), our clients will have curved, gorgeous lashes – an effect that lasts for up to 8 weeks!

Upgrade your brows with our brow lifting service! The result of this short, yet highly efficient procedure? Gorgeous, neat, elegant brows for the next couple of weeks! 

microneedling recklinghausen


Is it worth it? Definitely! Microneedling is an amazing cosmetic procedure that helps with a long list of skin issues such as minor scarring, loose skin, fine wrinkles, and pigmentation.

What does it do exactly? The microneedling procedure causes the growth of collagen and elastin, which lead to a luminous, youthful appearance. How soon can you see results? Incredibly fast!

aquafacial recklinghausen


A cosmetic procedure that comes with numerous advantages, the Aquafacial is an efficient way of improving the texture of your skin by working on fine lines, tone evenness, wrinkles, elasticity, firmness & much more. It cleans, exfoliates, oxygenates skin and hydrates by infusing a moisturizing serum.



Henna Brows

Brows define your face. Deep, thick & dense brows are the result of our Divine of Beauty Henna Brows procedure, which involves tinting the skin and brow hairs with all-natural products.

This amazing effect can last up to weeks in a row.

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Hair Extensions

Long hair is every woman’s dream. But what if you have just chopped it off or it just doesn’t grow as fast as you want it to?

Maybe you simply want a thicker head of hair. Hair extensions can certainly solve all of the issues above!

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Divine of Beauty Quality

We value our customers and strive to provide the best beauty services on the market.

certified beauty specialists

Certified & Experienced 

All Divine of Beauty Specialists are certified and have years of experience in the beauty field. 

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Premium Beauty Salon

We invest in continuous personal & professional improvement for excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I protected from Covid19?

At our Divine of Beauty Salon Recklinghausen, we take all necessary prevention & sterilization measures for our sake, the sake of our families and of our clients.

How do I know if a certain service is right for me?

When a client contacts us to make an appointment, we will ask them whether there are certain conditions that might prevent our beauty specialists or Lash Makers to perform a specific cosmetic procedure. It is essential that our clients tell us from the start if they have had any allergic reactions to certain procedures or products, if they are on a hormone treatment or suffering from any disease.

What time should I arrive for my appointment?

Although some clients arrive earlier and some later, at Divine of Beauty Salon Recklinghausen we politely ask our clients to arrive 10-15 minutes before their appointment to ensure we have enough time to provide the best possible services each time.

How often should I come for an eyelash fill up?

The ideal time frame for a lash fill up is 3 weeks. Any longer than that and the Lash Maker might need to do a full set of lash, thus leading to a longer appointment and the client being required to pay for the full set.

What Do Our Customers Say?

I’ve never had lash extensions, but I really wanted to try it at least once and see if I liked them. The best decision I made was to make an appointment at the Divine of Beauty Salon Recklinghausen. The Lash stylist was so nice and I did not even realize how fast time flew by. Before I knew it, I was admiring my new lashes in the mirror and feeling more beautiful than ever! It’s been 3 weeks since I got the Mega Volume lash extension set and I’m going in tomorrow for a new appointment. Can’t wait!

marina testimonial

I can’t recommend Divine of Beauty enough. Honestly, I don’t even know how I lived without Mega Volume lashes before. I come in every 3 weeks to make sure that my lashes always have that full, extra look. My lashes last for weeks!


The first time I heard about lash lift I didn’t know what to believe. But, a friend of mine had a coupon and she said that I should use it. Best decision ever! Before I knew it, the procedure was done and my lashes were so curved, they were almost close to my eyebrows. I look as if I have lash extensions! Thank you Florina for the beautiful lashes! I will definitely make another appointment very soon!


I recommend the Divine of Beauty Salon from the bottom of my heart. Because of my acne problems, I have been dealing with scars my whole life. But, after doing some microneedling sessions, the scarring tissue started to fade. I was shocked, but so thankful. Great services, great people!

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